Pregnancy Resources

This section includes resources pertaining to pregnancy, from beginning to end (conception to birth). Being a first time mama can be nerve wracking, confusing and even scary at times. Check out these helpful resources to make your pregnancy just a little bit easier.

Recommended Businesses & Reviews

Doulas – Love in Motion Doula Services
  • Why I’m in love: Liz is a very experienced Birth Doula who has seen it all-she is the birth experience expert. She is grounded, calm, versatile and intelligent. Her education comes through in her skillset and ability to answer almost any question. It’s clear that she takes her role very seriously and is a solid support role for any expecting mom or partner. She makes herself available for countless phone calls, texts and emails throughout your entire pregnancy. Her personality makes you feel safe, cared for, and that you already are an amazing mama (even if it’s your first). 
    • Bonus Points: Not only does she provide education, support, and countless resources for pregnancy, birth and babies, but she provides advocacy. It’s hard navigating through all the ins and outs of birth, especially when your “plan” goes out the window, but Liz makes its simple. My husband and I loved that she was a great guide for him, too throughout the entire experience. Finally, she is a lifelong resource – she is just a phone call away throughout your postpartum experience and even years down the road post birth.

Estate Planners – Law Mother

  • Why I’m in love: Pam, the owner of Law Mother is responsive, professional and friendly. She makes sure her clients thoroughly understand what can be a very complicated process by presenting information in a simple & relatable way. Something my husband and I really appreciated was her warm personality, and her ability to make us feel completely at ease. Not only did she make an effort to get to know us on a personal level, she made sure that all of our specific preferences for our wills and estate planning needs were seamless. Creating a will can be a daunting experience to say the least, but Pam made sure to make it as fun & comfortable as possible!
    • Bonus points: All of her work is completely virtual, so it’s easy to complete around your busy schedule. Plus, she ensures all of the necessary documents are couriered over to your home in a timely manner. She has a unique & comprehensive “Kids Protection Plan” for parents, making it easy to ensure your children are safeguarded – which was the most important aspect for me and my husband!
    • To get a more detailed look, check out my interview with her here

Complementary & Non-Profit Resources

  • Car Seat Inspection (Near You)
  • People of Color
  • Pregnancy Loss
    • Angel Eyes – Helps Colorado families cope with pregnancy, infant & toddler loss, while raising awareness and supporting research.
    • Denver Share – Support group for pregnancy & infant loss.
  • Pregnancy Testing & Services
    • Planned Parenthood – Provides testing, pregnancy planning services, prenatal services and more for those with or without health insurance.

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